Waterproofing D.I.Y or professional applicator? The rules about who can complete waterproofing fluctuate slightly between different Australian states and territories. In both Queensland and NSW, the person completing the waterproofing in your home, is required to carry a current waterproofer’s licence. In other states, waterproofers must provide a statement of compliance once the job’s done, […]

Concrete Sealing & curing

Using state of the art water based, low odour, non toxic products, we have the ability to provide a complete concrete waterproofing, dust-proofing & curing solution to any concrete substrate. Our products results in the tensile strength increasing by 67%, avoids wasting thousands of litres of water once the slab is poured, is quick to apply, requires only one application, […]

Sound Acoustic Underlay

This service encompasses the use of both Liquid applied, & sheet noise suppression products, & is proven to provide acoustic ratings in accordance with AS 76207. Our sound acoustic underlay products are provided by leading WA based Suppliers. For professional acoustic underlaying services call us for a fast quote.

Sealing Tiles & Grout

After several years of repairing tiled areas, by organising for tiles and screed to be completely removed, we have spent conciderable time researching proven products to treat the tiles & grout, providing guaranteed water repellency, without their removal. This method of remedial waterproofing avoids the aggrevation, & sometimes exorbitant cost of replacing the entire area.

Concrete Roofs

Waterproofing concrete roofs effectively, depends on the concretes Mpa, time of year, whether or not the roof will be covered with timber decking, tiles, astro-turf, riverstones, or left open as a finished product. We have a wide variety of systems at our disposal for our Client to select from.

Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes are another critical area of construction. Our selection of products is directly influenced by the choice of flora our Client requires.

Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds provide a beautiful, tranquil, relaxing feel to any home, office, apartment foyer or hotel. There’s just something mesmerizing about the sound of trickling water, & the sight of colourful fish in crystal clear water that instantly captures the attention of most people. However, if not constructed & waterproofed correctly in the first place, […]

Leaking Balconies

The Experts in Leaking Balcony Repairs in Perth, WA. Balconies are treated in the same manner as Shower recess’, prior to tiling, using proven membranes, suited directly to the surfaces provided. We also provide a unique method of repairing tiled balconies WITHOUT the aggravation & grossly inflated expense of removing any tiles or screed. The fully warranted liquid applied solution is […]

Retaining Walls

External waterproofing of foundations is essential for every building with an undercroft basement, or habitable living area. Foundations and retaining walls are constantly exposed to moisture ingress. Foundation waterproofing or external basement wall waterproofing is required, in order to avoid serious damage to the structure of the dwelling, and major cosmetic damage to rooms inside, […]

Shower Recess’

Depending to the schedule, climate, & surface conditions, a wide variety of products are at hand, ranging from standard Acrylics, to fibre reinforced coatings, to Polyurethanes.